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Looking back to the year of 1932 we will see some the then enthusiatic village people of Dhakuria gathered in a dingy lane at Dr. Kedar Banerjee Lane for a good motive. On nineth day of January, in the said year a very small bud of the enriched idea debuted in the Horizon of Co-operative Movement, under the stewardship of Late B.V. Dasgupta, one of the eminent people of that time in Dhakuria.

The Dhakuria Co-operative Credit Society ended the inaugural year with only 46 members having a share capital of Rs. 702/-, Rs. 300/- as deposit and Rs. 980/- as investments and advances. With proper care and long nourishment of long seventy-seven years, the then bud blossomed to a flower for which our predecessors really can be acclaimed. We, the next generation can feel proud for that. Transition from Credit Society to Bank took place on the first day of July in the year 1972 after a long journey of 40 years.

From 1977, all our deposits were insured under Deposit Insurance and from the year of 1980, we are participating as sub-member in Clearing House. Further we started our locker facility from third July on 1985. Now we are operating throughout the whole Kolkata. Our present audit rating is "A". To serve our customer in a better way our staff members are at the service from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. having Single Window System for deposit and withdrawal. Being a small Co-operative Bank in shape we serve the people in a better way in competition with other Commercial and Private Banks.

Financial Profile

(Rupees in Lakhs)
  As on 31/03/14 As on 31/03/15 AAs on 31/03/16
1) Share Capital 166.26 169.97 176.50
2) Reserves 494.71 535.45 573.68
3) Net Worth 531.59 596.52 667.39
4) Deposits 5674.59 5776.89 6262.91
5) Working Capital 6641.17 6697.73 7234.53
6) Loan & Advances 2230.32 2125.35 2185.47
7) Investment & Bank Deposits 3690.10 3972.16 4345.41
8) Risk Provisions 208.20 223.08 238.52
9) Net Profit 42.13 54.74 56.92
10) Net N.P.A      
a) Amount 17.14 45.39 64.55
b) Percentage 0.83 -2.32 -3.23
11) Credit Deposit Ratio 39.30% 36.79% 34.90%
12) Capital to Risk Assets Ratio (CRAR) 14.89% 15.82% 16.09%
13) Total Member 6726 6154 6151
14) Audit Classification "A" "A" "A"
15) Dividend declared 12% 12% 12% proposed

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