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Loan & Advances

Interest & Charges for Loans and Advances for existing borrowers and new rates as per new schedule


LOANS AND ADVANCES (w.e.f. 21.12.2015)
HBL with Institutions where Up to 20 Years
  Total loan amount Exceeds Rs. 50 Lacs   @9.75% p.a.
  Other tie up HBL   @10.00%p.a
  Non tie up HBL   @10.00%p.a
  Transport Loan
  Commercial Vehicle   @12.00% p.a.
  Private Car/ Vehicle (Personal use) Tie up with Salary   @9.75% p.a.
  Loan for Small Business
  Up to Rs. 1,00,000/-   @12.00%p.a.
  Above Rs. 1,00,000/-   @12.00%p.a.
  Cash Credit / Overdraft (Secured)   @12.00%p.a.
  Loan for utility goods   @12.00%p.a.
  Loan against Govt. Securities NSC, KVP   @11.00%p.a.
  Mortgaged Loan (LAP)   @12.00%p.a.
  Loan against Gold ornament   @11.90% p.a.
Personal Loan
Tie up personal Loan (Up to 5 Lacs) @13.50% p.a.
Non-tie up personal Loan (Partly Secured) @13.50% p.a.
Loan against own term deposits Deposit Rate + 1.50%
Personal loan up to 2.5 Lacs @11.00% p.a.
HBL - Staff (MGS) @ 8.00% p.a.

Note: Minimum rate of interest on HBL will be @ 9.50% p.a. *Conditions Applied
Interest Rate Subject to Change
Additional 1% Penal Rate for loan in the doubtful categorty.
#Institutions where our loan disbursement has exceed Rs. 2 crores will be given an aditional 0.25% p.a. reduction of interest rate

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