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Service Charges & Fees

Schedule & description of bank charges on Deposits, Loans & Advances, Collection of Cheques, Remittances, Postal Tariff, Other Charges, Gift Cheque etc.

SCHEDULE OF CHARGES OF THE BANK (effective from 01.04.2010)
A. Deposits:-
1. Duplicate Statement Charges per page = Rs. 25/- ( For current O/D,C/C Accounts) maximum Rs. 100/-. A per annum ledger folio charges of Rs. 25/- per folio except for exemptions as under :-
  Revised (Rs.)
2. Issue of Duplicate Pass Books- Savings, Recurring Deposit A/c. with current balance 25/-
3. Issue of Duplicate Receipt : term Deposits 25/-
4. Addition / deletion of Names - All Deposit Accounts per occasion per case. 25/-
5. Charges in Operational Instructions in Deposits Accounts. per occasion per case. 25/-
6. Premature Closure of savings Bank/ Current Accounts ( A/c Closed within a year).  
  1. For an ordinary S.B. A/c
  2. For Current/ OD/CC A/c/ Cheque facility S/B A/c.
  3. For Current / OD/CC A/C reversal
7. Standing Instructions.
Rs. 30/- per transaction plus Postage & other out of Pocket expenses if any, where the transaction involves issue of Banker's Cheque, exchange at the prescribed rate should be recovered additionally.
(Transfer of amounts from one a/c to others, periodically transfer of interest, dividend etc to the Personal A/c of customer within the same branch, no charge is to be levied).

8. Return of cheques for want of fund
Inclusive of OD/CC/Loans, Outward/Inward
9. Recording Stop Payment Instruction & Reversal per leaf.
10. In operative Accounts
Current A/c.
11. Savings Bank
Half years charges is to be realized provided the residual balance does not fall below the minimum .
12. Penal Charges in C.D. Accounts:
An incidental charge of Rs. 60 per month shall be made, in addition to annual incidental charges, to a C.D. Account, if the balance falls in any month below the prescribed minimum. Provided the reduce balance does not fall below Re 1/-

13. Penal charge / Additional levy in SB. A/Cs. ordinary
Fall of minimum balance charges facility
14. Issuance of MICR cheques to C/D, OD/CC Accounts Holder per page 2.50
B. Loans & Advances:-  
1. Processing Charges:  
  1. For all type of advances including Term Loan
  2. Tie up House Building Loan
Note: No processing charges will be levied on Loan against Term Deposit.  
2. Processing charge for Loan against Govt. Securities:  
  1. Lien recording & release / one certificate / minimum
  2. Collection of proceed of the pledged instrument.
Note: All out of pocket expenses should be realized.  
3. Processing charge for Medium Term Loan:  
  1. Surety Loan
4. Processing charges for Loan against Gold ornaments.
Note: On clearance of the loan, pledge ornaments should be refunded. If the pledged ornaments is not taken back withing a month, safe custody charge of Rs. 25/- per month shall be levied.
C. Collection of Cheques (other than local cheques / CBS)  
  1. Amount against Rs. 5,000/- ......Rs.25/-
  2. Rs. 5,001/- - 10,000/- ...............Rs.50/-
  3. Rs. 10,001/- & above ..............Rs.100/-
1) Cheque purchased  
  1. 0.50% plus collection charges if any as applicable for the respective slab of cheque collection, minimum Rs. 110/-
  2. If the cheque is returned, interest @ 17.5% per annum to be recovered from the date of purchase till the date of actual return.
  3. In case proceeds of a cheque are credited to the account in advance of the date of actual realisation, interest at the stipulated rate shall also be charged from the date of credit to the credit of realization.
D. Remittances  
Pay order / Banker's cheque.
A commission @ Rs. 3.50/- per thousand with a minimum of Rs. 25/- and upto Rs. 50000/- @ Rs. 2.50/- per thousand and on Rs. 50001/- and above to be charged.
E. Postal Tariff:  
Ordinary Post 15/-
Registered Post 60/-
Telegrams/ Fax 110/-
Or actual whichever is higher.  
F. Other Charges Revised
Attestion of Signature 20/-
Do Due Certificate 30/-
Credential Certificate 110/-
Enquiry of old records 25/-
Elecl. Fund Transfer (per tranaction) 30/-
Locker Rent (yearly) Small 600/-
  Medium 1200/-
  Large 2400/-
Gift Cheque  
General :  
  1. Service charges in any form should not be application to the Staff members of the Bank.
  2. The act and nature of transaction in enjoying the service of the Bank does not reveal any gainful motivation.
  3. On identification, the retired employees of the Bank should avail the concession.

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