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Milestone of our Progress (From the fade pages of our Album)

Year To Commemorate Name of Chairman and Secretary Share Capital Paid up (Rs.) Deposits (Rs) Advances (Rs)
1950-51 Mr. U.Chakraborty spared a equipped room in his house without any rent for last 3/4 years. This is how Co-operation arose with sacrifice and service of it members. (acknowledged in the Annual Report). Dr.T.J. Gupta Chairman Sri M.M.Mukherjee Secretary 22,950.00 35,724.00 48,686.00
1967-68 Dhakuria Co-operative Bank Ltd. had its own address at 179/9/1, Sarat Ghosh Garden Road, Kolkata - 700 031. Sri U.C.Ghosal Chairman Sri M. Chatterjee Secretary Secretary 90,630.00 4,28,954.00 3,40,488.00
1972 Credit Society converted as Co-operative Bank. Sri U.C.Ghosal Chairman Sri M. Chatterjee Secretary Secretary 1,12,625.00 6,07,408.00 4,03,872.00
1976 Deposit Insurance coverage available upto Rs.20,000/- Now on 2009 Deposit upto Rs.1 lakh is covered under D.I.C. Sri H. Bandyopadhyay Chairman Sri B. Chattopadhyay Secretary Secretary 1,71,745.00 15,84,219.00 7,64,790.00
1980-82 Introduction of cheque system, participating in clearing, Gift cheque New Term Deposit Scheme, some new loan schemes. Sri Baidya Nath Banerjee Chairman Sri Subrata Basu Secretary 2,29,415.00 53,81,195.00 9,56,647.00
1994-95 Move for modernisation and computerisation of the Bank, 11 employees given computer training.. Sri P.K.Banerjee Chairman Sri A.K.Biswas Secretary 30,68,330.00 65,25,1,411.00 2,24,30,943.00
1999 Inauguration of Computer system on 09.11.98. Acquired land adjacent to the Bank premises. Sri A.K.Dutta Chairman Sri A.Majumder Secretary 42,86,960.00 9,85,10,229.00 308,70,224.00
2003 Net NPA reduced from 13.33% to 7.10%. Sri A.Bhattacharya Chairman Sri A.Majumder Secretary lakhs 53.32 2,28,067 505.87
2005 Accounts package introduced in computer. Introduction of of single window system with A.C.arrangement both in 1st & ground floor with extended Banking hours upto 2 P.M. Sri S.P.Sengupta Chairman Sri N.K. De Secretary 61.57 2261.82 749.55
2006 Renovation of the single windows counter with A.C. arrangement. Sri S.P.Sengupta Chairman Sri N.K. De Secretary 73.18 2473.24 1118.80
2008 Introduction of 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. continuous Banking service. Total modernisation of 1st floor with full Air condition and other amenities. Sri S.P. Sengupta Chairman Sri N.K. De Secretary 92.04 3169.87 1540.57
2009 Recipient of Souvenir award by the Banks' Federation and Second Best Urban Co-operative Bank of West Bengal awarded by West Bengal State Co-operative Bank. Waiting for long awaited recognition - obtaining Licence from Reserve Bank of India. Work of upgrading the computer infra- structure is going on. Soft ware - Comprehence with Share,Establishment, RBI Reports return, all in the LAN. Introduction of e-mail address and website. Sri S.P. Sengupta Chairman Sri N.K. De Secretary 31.03.04 53.09 31.03.09 105.69 increased 99% 2280.67 3603.99 increased 58% 505.87 1748.05 increased 24.5%

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